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Manoj Bhargava discusses his aha moment upon realizing what those without resources really need: "It's exactly the same as everyone else!" - Milken Institute Global Conference 2016.


Our Mission

The time for simply raising awareness is over. Now we must begin implementing solutions to the most pressing global problems – water, energy, and health. Learn More About the Billions in Change Movement

manoj bhargava projects brenoah   manoj bhargava projects brenoah   manoj bhargava projects brenoah
Solving water problems will impact humanity in the most significant way. From drought-stricken regions to contaminated aquifers to areas affected by natural disaster, water issues affect both rich and poor alike. The availability of abundant fresh water is not only the foundation of life, livelihood, and health but is also necessary for global economic and political stability. Our Rain Maker invention can help provide clean water for drinking, farming, sanitation, and industrial uses.   Lack of electricity has kept nearly three billion people in poverty by putting education, livelihood, and basic necessities out of reach. Meanwhile, the rest of the world’s reliance on fossil fuels has resulted in deleterious health, environmental, and economic effects. We need viable clean energy solutions to ensure the health and wellbeing of all people, as well as the planet. The Hans Free Electric™ bike and Limitless Energy are two of our ideas for providing clean energy to people around the world.   The current approach to healthcare is inadequate because it focuses on treating illness. A more sensible approach is to focus on preventing illness by enhancing wellness. Technologies that help prevent illness exist, such as our Renew ECP apparatus, but they need to be implemented. And they need to be implemented for the benefit of everyone – rich and poor – and free from profit seekers and government red tape.